How LEGO Edu BricQ Motion Kits Teach Kids Physical Science

By 1/04/2021 09:06:00 AM

To help parents and educators teach physical science in a fun and engaging way, LEGO® Education has released more STEM learning kits - BricQ Motion Essential for ages 6+ and BricQ Motion Prime for ages 10+.

Note: This post is in partnership with LEGO® Education. However, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Once again LEGO® Education invited my family to learn more by joining an online demo for the new kit. If you read my post about our demo for "Training Trackers", which teach middle school core science and math concepts, then you know we learn a lot during the demo, so of course we said YES!

I'll recap what we did and learned in another post, for now I wanted to tell you more about the BricQ Motion kits individually.

One of the first things that impressed with the BricQ Motion kits is they don't require a digital tie-in like previous SPIKE Prime kits. Families don't need to download anything, so they can get into building and learning, which allows parents, teachers and students to feel more confident about STEM learning.

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Kits

BricQ Motion offers two classroom sets for sports-themed lessons for grades K-8: Students experiment with forces, motion, and interactions in the context of sports, such as skiing, gymnastics, derby car racing, and more.

BricQ Motion Essential for ages 6+

  • Costs $99.95 per set, which can be shared by up to two students at a time
  • Includes 523 LEGO bricks (including replacement elements)
  • Sturdy storage box with color-coded sorting trays
  • 2 printed building instructions booklets
  • 2 curriculum units*:Train to Winfor lower primary and Winning with Science for upper primary

BricQ Motion Prime for ages 10+

  • Costs $99.95 per set, which can be shared by up to two students at a time
  • Includes 562 LEGO Technic and brick elements (including replacement elements)
  • Sturdy storage box with color-coded sorting trays
  • 1 printed building instructions booklet
  • Science of Sports curriculum unit*

*Each unit plan includes 6-10 hours of educational content and teaching resources.

Designed by teachers, three curriculum units offer hours of educational content, as well as limitless possibilities with open-ended projects.

Primary students plan and conduct investigations as they explore push and pull forces and observe patterns of motion, while secondary students apply their scientific inquiry skills based on an object’s force and mass.

BricQ Motion also includes new elements to easily gather data (variables, angles, heights, and lengths) for analysis and synthesis, using visual math for a more creative, relevant, and fun way to learn.

Getting started is easy with teacher video guides, student videos and worksheets, assessment rubrics, tips to simplify or extend the lesson, and math and language arts extensions.

In the U.S., BricQ Motion is now available for $99.95 per set or as part of a Hybrid Learning Classroom Starter Pack that includes supplementary Personal Learning Kits.

Flexible to use in classrooms and remote environments, the starter pack is designed to let students continue learning about forces, motion, and interactions no matter where the learning happens.

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