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In connection with Netflix "The Last Kids on Earth" Season 3, my son and I interviewed Garland Whitt, who voices Quint Baker, about why he likes voicing this character, any changes in LKOE Season 3 and what he'd do as the last kid on earth.

Garland was a fun interview and we really enjoyed talk with hm. Read on to find out what he shared.

What do you like about voicing Quint Baker in "The Last Kids on Earth"?

Garland Whitt: The think that I love about Quinn is that that...I am very much Quinn. As I got older, I got more sophisticated or whatever, but I really relate to him. When I was a kid one of the main things I wanted to be was a scientist. I would always try to invent things, put stuff together to see how they worked and take things apart. So I can really relate to that.

What is your favorite "The Last Kids on Earth" episode and why?

Garland Whitt: There's two. There was one episode where the monster would shoot quills from it's eyelashes and when you get hit, it would make you cry. So me (voicing Quint) and Jack (voiced by Nick Wolfhard) were crying so hard that we can't even see.

I love this episode because it was just fun to do. You know to cry and just keep it going.

Garland Whitt: And Nick, who voices Jack, he had a lot of fun also. The great things about this peculiar job is a lot times when you do voice over, you kinda do your part, you leave and then someone else does their part. So you don't get a chance to see each other.

So when they did this, what they did was a connection so all together, so we got to see each other. And it was really really fun.

Garland Whitt: I have to say my other episode, more solidly so, is with Dirk, Quint and Jack. This while time Jack has been looking for June Del Toro (voiced by Montserrat Hernandez) and we finally find her in the school.

First of all, the whole school sequence, it would never occur to me to get into a mop bucket and try to race my friends down the hallway. So stuff like that.

Garland Whitt: One of my favorite monsters is actually in that episode. You know that big zombie ball? That's like my favorite monster and I think that scariest. Especially when it rolls through that stairs. And we're like "it can't go upstairs" and then it starts walking!

I think I like that episodes because it's one of the first times, you see them all together. But even more so, I like the fact that June could totally take care of herself. And her deciding to join was based on the fact that "I am lonely, you guys are kinda cool". I just like that strength.

So it encompasses a lot things in that episodes. The togetherness, our relationships, the strength. That's why it's another favorite episode.

Is there any changes in your character "Quint" in Season 3 "The Last Kids on Earth"?

Garland Whitt: No but there is like this plot twist, that actually surprised us when we read it. I'm trying to find a way to dance around it. There's an very interesting development. Lets put it that way. But it involves all of us, not just Quint.

We love that the show had diverse characters. How important is it to have minority characters is such a popular series?

Garland Whitt: I think it's absolutely, positively, 100 percent essential important. And I say that first from my personal experience, because I remember growing up watching Tv. I can honestly say I never really saw representations of myself. Overtime I've learned to make the switch, like there's a pilot and he's really cool, I could learn to be a pilot too.

But to actually see? I think an example of that is when I saw Morgan Freeman play the president of the United States.

Garland Whitt: So any time you get a chance to watch entertainment, or listen to music or anything and you see something different out of the norm, it expands your mind and actually who you are.

So I think it's very important in all aspects of watch we watch, entertainment etc, to just reflect society. So if you can see it and believe it, it can happened, no matter what it is.

If you were the last kid on earth, how would you survive ?

Garland Whitt: First of all, I love to cook. So I'd find the biggest, best kitchen and I would move in. I would definitely get a motorcycle. I'd get a really cool motorcycle. Definitely.

I think I would just build stuff. Like really cool stuff. And just travel around. I love to travel. So go to the beach. Maybe get a boat. Learn how to sail it.

You aren't fighting any zombies??

Garland Whitt: Oh the zombies! It's funny because in my perfect world the zombie don't exist. They're over there somewhere. But if I had to guess, zombie hunting would become a way of life. It would be like "Walking Dead", like Michonne she has her sword. And I'd hook that up every now and then.

Thankfully we don't have to fight any zombies (yet) so we can get ready to watch the third season of Emmy-award winning animated series, The Last Kids on Earth on Netflix.


Produced by Vancouver-based Atomic Cartoons for Netflix, Season 3 of Last Kids continues the journey of 13-year-old Jack Sullivan living in a mind-clobberingly cool tree fort with his best friends during a zombie apocalypse.

In Season 3, they discover they may not be the last kids on earth after all. This is great news for everyone …except Jack, who hopes to keep things the way they are and prove that everything is perfect - and crazy fun.

One problem: it’s hard convincing his friends that everything is great when they’re being hunted by a monstrous Nightmare King and an ancient evil who won’t rest until Earth has been devoured.

Season 3 will also see the return of a star-studded cast including Catherine O’Hara, Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, Bruce Campbell, and Nick Wolfhard who voices the main character, 13-year-old Jack Sullivan. It will premiere on Netflix on Friday, October 16th.

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