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By 10/10/2020 10:28:00 AM

Family game night is usually about having fun while rolling dice and flipping cards. But it can also be a chance to sneak in some fun educational learning.

Note: I received product samples for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

To help me do this, I received a few AMIGO Games for review and used them with my son and other kids who wanted to "play games" with me.

The games I received included:

  • Eye Sea: The Creative Thinking Game - Players flip over nine cards, then combine any two to create a saying, phrase, movie title, word, song lyric, slogan...any well-recognized combination of words.

  • Connect the Thoughts: Matching and Thinking – Starts as a matching game and ends as a thinking game as players collect cards that connect. Each player places one card face up, then races to find other cards with a matching image.

  • Fruit Punch: Spot Five and Bop the Banana - Players inspect the cards as they’re flipped to find five of the same fruit, then race to squeak the banana.

I thought the games were a great fit, since they were both interactive and appropriate "thinking" challenges for the kids. The kids loved playing because they had to "think" in different ways to figure out each game. They would get so excited when they "matched" items on the cards or "link" photos together to make a word or statement.

While gaming can be competitive, with these AMIGO Games the kids ended up helping each other figure things out and were excited to play more then once. So family game night went longer then usual, since the kids didn't want to to stop.

So if your looking for games to add to your family collection, get a few AMIGO Games since they have a fantastic collection of family, kids, and strategy games. Many of which have 5 Rules or Less. They’re easy to learn and fun for families to play with their kids.

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