Upcycled DIY Crafts Using Juice Boxs

By 5/19/2020 10:10:00 AM

Are you looking for new activities while staying close to home? Juicy Juice has a selection of easy, DIY crafts made with materials already in your house – including your empty juice containers!

Crafted using empty bottles from favorite drinks, the Juicy Juice Bottle Planter lets little ones personalize their jar, plant their favorite seedlings, care for it with a DIY Watering Can, and watch it grow!

And when looking for what activity to do next, create an Activity Picker and let fate decide! No matter you choose, all the fun can be had by upcycling containers of 48-oz 100% Juice.

Plus, when little ones take the last sip of a hydrating Juicy Waters juice box, kids can let their imagination run wild with DIY Walkie Talkies – perfect for indoor or outdoor adventures.

Juicy Juice has more upcycled crafts for families, including these below

· Bag Dispenser
· DIY Watering Can
· Juice Bottle Bird Feeder
· Juice Box Octopus
· Juicy Juice Bottle Planter
· Juicy Juice Piggy Bank
· School Bus Juice Box Craft

To see these crafts and more, visit - www.juicyjuice.com/activities

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