Truffle Haircare from Moroccan Gold Series

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The black Truffle Collection, professional hair care with a luxurious antioxidant touch, offers a self-care option for women with stay-at-home hair gone wild.

Individually boxed, the black Truffle Collection from indie salon brand, Moroccan Gold Series, introduces a natural new power-ingredient to hair care: black truffle extract, a wellness mainstay.

Stay-at-home hair perks up in minutes.

  • Color-stressed, dry, damaged, frizzed or fried hair quickly bounces back.
  • Coarse hair or curly hair comes alive.
  • Fine hair has more substance without flyaways.

Get all four Truffle products or select one: Truffle Mask, Truffle Serum (Oil), Truffle Shampoo, and Truffle Leave-In Mask.

Black Truffle Mask (from Moroccan Gold Series): $54.00 (250ml) Special gift pricing/Amazon $30.00 (250ml)

Rejuvenates, hydrates, smooths and strengthens every hair texture in only 3 minutes, all without heaviness or weight, leaving hair with body and bounce. The black truffle extract-rich formula has an added boost of extract-filled microcapsules to release an extra dose of nutrients when massaged into hair and scalp.

It contains omega-rich Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Flax Oil and Vitamins A, D, and E.

Black Truffle Serum/Oil (from Moroccan Gold Series): $45.00 (50 ml) Special gift pricing/Amazon: $35.00 (50ml)

An ultra-light, instantly absorbed black truffle extract-rich hair oil that nourishes, smooths, strengthens, de-frizzes and adds shine. The luxurious formula is black and turns clear when applied to hair colors from blonde to ebony, and it works for all textures. It leaves hair color brighter, radiant, and healthier looking.

Sulfate free, it enriches hair’s condition to help prevent breakage and split ends and is a master protector from humidity and the elements.

Black Truffle Shampoo (from Moroccan Gold Series): $26.00 (300 ml)

A gentle, deep-cleansing shampoo boosted with nutrient-dense black truffle extract. It helps regenerate dry, damaged hair and keeps strands healthy, shiny, and smooth. It promotes the ongoing health of both hair and scalp.

Black Truffle Leave-In Mask (from Moroccan Gold Series): $31.00 (125ml) Special gift pricing/Amazon: $22.00 (125ml)

A unique black truffle extract-rich leave-in conditioner, heat protectant and pre-styling spray. It nourishes without weight, and instantly absorbs into hair to keep strands stronger, smoother, more manageable and more frizz-free.

The formulas, made in Israel, also contain Shea Butter and omega-rich healing oils such as Flax, Olive, and Wheat Germ, and are fortified with vitamins including A, D, and E, and Keratin.

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