Memories of The Addams Family Mansion Tour for animated Blu-ray

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Right around Halloween we were invited to tour the real life replica of The Addams Family Mansion in celebration of The Addams Family animated film release. Was it a spooky request? Yes so of course we went!

Note: I was invited as media to The Addams Family Mansion Tour and will received the Blu-ray. However, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own

After arriving, we were welcomed by an interesting (hungry) plant in the living room, before finding a seat next to a wall decorated with Addams Family portraits. Aren't they all just....lovely.

But we didn't get to sit down for long. We were shown into the kitchen for refreshments and snacks. So much yummies. Surprisingly not all scary. Just a few worms, eyes balls and blood like snacks.

After getting yummies, we meet The Addams Family who separated us into group for a tour of the house and their rooms. I prayed that we made it back from the tour!

Our first stop was Pugsley's room. While it was cozy and he seemed....nice (not really)....the fact that he had dynamite he wanted to set off made me exit very quickly.

Our next stop was Wednesday's room. While I do like Wednesday, at the first look of her guillotine bed, I was looking for the door to run. But Wednesday spotted me trying to sneak out and decided to invite my son into a circle with others. I couldn't just leave my son there!

Turns out my son enjoyed hanging out with Wednesday and didn't hesitate when she offered him a seat in her electric chair. I stood by ready. Just in case. But we made it safely out of Wednesday's room.

But could we now make it out of the house?! It was getting dark and people started disappearing!

So we quietly snuck our way around the The Addams Family Mansion including a stop in the master bedroom, a stop to wish Thing goodnight and say hello (and goodbye!) to cousin IT and Uncle Fester.

In truth I wasn't sure Uncle Fester was going to let us leave but we made it out with lots of spooky memories to keep us awake at night. HA!

While my son and I had a great time touring The Addams Family Mansion, we rather stay home and watch the The Addams Family from the safety of our living room.

Which we now can do since the animated film, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, has been released on Digital, Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand from Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios (MGM) and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

THE ADDAMS FAMILY on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital showcase the wonderfully weird world of the Addams family with a variety of exclusive bonus features not seen in theaters including deleted and extended scenes, an interactive charades game with Thing, behind-the-scenes footage, music lyric videos and more!

To learn more, visit - www.AddamsFamily.Movie


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  1. I want to see this for family movie night.

  2. I love the Adams family because my parents shared them with me in the 90's when it was revived and now I can share this one with my son and parents now!

  3. I love that they are all different and quirky like real families.

  4. I like their personalities!


  5. I think the family is fun and hilarious.

  6. i like that they are who they are and don't apologize for it

  7. Touring the mansion sounds like such a fun experience. I grew up watching Addams family on tv. I love the characters.

  8. I'm a big fan of the Addams Family characters. They all are fun and entertaining!

  9. I enjoy movie in general but I had a blast watching this in theaters.

  10. I like that they are a fun family!

  11. "Leave a comment telling me, what do you like about The Addams Family?" They're funny and spooky!

  12. I like the Addams Family for their dark sense of humor. My family would get a kick out of them. I would love to win so I can experience watching it with my family.

  13. That tour looks like it was a lot of fun! I love the characters in the Addams family. They are hilarious!

  14. Looks like a fun movie for family movie night.

  15. I like how odd the family is and yet they are still a loving family. Kinda reminds me of mine. lol!

  16. I like that the Adams family isn't afraid to be themselves.

  17. I like they make my family look normal.