GoldieBlox STEM DIY Kits and Subscription Box

By 10/01/2019 01:01:00 PM

GoldieBlox has released DIY products with STEM at their core, and their first-ever monthly subscription box.

The 8 new Maker Kits provide the tools to build new STEM-infused crafts, and come with Hack and Facts cards that explain the science behind the crafts.

Some of the new projects include:

  • DIY Glitter Beauty Lab ($29.99) - Mix up a shimmering face mask, shiny sugar scrub, sparkly hair gel or glossy face smudge. Find out where glitter comes from and what it’s been used for historically.
  • DIY Unicorn Headphones ($24.99) - Decorate your headphones to fit your style with beads, flowers and other materials to make a statement. Discover how sound travels from your device to your ears. Learn how sound is measured and what levels are safe for your ears.
  • DIY Slumber Party Kit ($24.99): With this comprehensive sleepover kit, makers can invite their friends over and build their own movie projector complete with speaker! The kit also comes with eye masks, popcorn and goodie bags.
  • DIY LED Cloud Light ($29.99): Kids can craft their own smiling cloud lamp that changes colors, while learning about the eco-friendly factors of the LED lights that power it.

  • Scent Lab & Room Diffuser ($29.99) - Build an oil aroma diffuser that you can decorate with stickers and pom-poms. Included gift bottles and label so you can give to friends and family. Learn about essential oils and why these oils affect our moods. Discover what limbic system is and how it functions in our body.
  • Scratch Art Projector ($24.99) - Spot your favorite constellation on your wall with your very own projector. Take in a variety of colors and sights with an assortment of projector inserts. You’ll even be able to stencil your own designs. Learn what makes a star and identify major constellations.
  • DIY Light Up Unicorn Pillow ($24.99): Kids can customize a soft and sparkling unicorn, while also learning how to build their own circuit.
  • Maker’s Essentials Tool Kit ($39.99) - Whether you’re hacking or crafting, this comprehensive and stylish set will be an asset for all your future projects. Includes a GoldieBlox gold wrench necklace so you can be a part of the Goldie Squad!

The new GoldieBlox Box subscription box is created in partnership with JOANN. Available exclusively at JOANN website, each monthly box is filled with all the tools necessary to make fun, science-based projects complemented with facts about the STEM behind each project.

The projects are inspired by the most popular, trending DIY “hacks” and projects from the GoldieBlox YouTube channel, like fizzy bath bombs and squishies, and they are designed to keep kids curious and stimulated with each delivery.

Recommended for makers ages 8+, the kits are manufactured by design and creativity innovators Make it Real.

Kits are available at Amazon, Target, JOANN, BJ’s, andWalmart Canada.

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