Embracing Our Summer Slide

By 9/07/2015 05:05:00 PM

Honestly I had plans to keep on the educational track over the summer. But. Life ya know?

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In reality this summer was all about experiencing life. I signed my son up for all sorts of lessons including swim, taekwondo and learning a second language. Add in some odd and ends lessons in skate boarding and trace & field and you can image how busy our summer was.

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While I still have to post summer recaps, this post isn't about a specific activity. This post is all about the summer slide mindset, which kicked into an extra gear during the last 2 weeks of summer while waiting for school to start.

It felt like school was taking forever to start for NYC students!

My son's camps and lesson had already ended leaving us with not much to do. Every morning my son asked me what we're going to do today. And I sighed. Because really?!

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I was all out of ideas and frankly out of energy to think of something new. I mean come on we just did so much this summer! But still my son was bored. So we headed to the playground. Nearly everyday. And you know what, it turned out to be okay. My son enjoyed unstructured play with various kids. Meanwhile I caught up on reading, watching kdramas or just having a quiet moment.

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So my son didn't do any summer reading, math homework or advance language study. Instead we spent our last weeks at the playground playing tag, racing on scooters, and seeing who can go higher on the swings.

This year I'm OK with that. Sometimes it's OK to embrace doing nothing and having fun along the way.

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  1. And this is OK!! Glad you guys got to just breathe this Summer, now they're back in school and things are about to get REAL! Lol

  2. @Candace, I'm sorta glad we had those few days of downtime. The school year is going to be very busy indeed. LOL