The Personal Spoke in Our Travel Wheel

By 8/11/2015 08:19:00 AM

This week my son reminded me we haven't done any real traveling this year. As we rode the bus past the airport, he directly asked me when we're going to get on a plane for a trip?!

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Good question kid. Good question.

I did start this year with plans to travel. Hello Puerto Rico! I really wanted to visit the island and time permitting maybe add in additional weekend trips to a near by state (or two).

Not only did I plan a few personal family trips but we also received offers for blog related family travel. This year we were invited to travel and cover a few family destinations including the Beaches Resorts Social Media on the Sand. A trip MANY bloggers are their families would have loved to be invited to.

Then there was the Disney Movie trips. Yes I was once again invited by Disney on a media press trip for their upcoming movies and television shows. About 4 times this year. You have no idea how hard it was to say no. Seriously. If you followed along during my Big Hero 6 Event trip, you know those trips are amazing. stuck a huge personal spoke in my travel wheel. Ugh.

And this is the reality of life. Sometimes things happen and we have to adjust our priorities. Travel for us needed to take a back seat while I took care of some personal things. Because lets be real, if we don't handle things in life how can we move forward right?

And so that is what I've been doing these past few months. In part. The other part had me being my son's personal chauffeur with all HIS summer plans. But that's it's own post.

For now, I wipe away my tear for the death of our travel plans this year....and look forward to the end of this year when I'll be finished dealing with some personal things. While I'm sure 2016 will bring more personal stuff, hopefully it will be stuff that can be dealt with while boarding an airplane, train or bus out of town!

Now boarding!

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  1. This was me when I put us on a strict saving regimen. We had a goal to meet. I wish I were going to the Turks and Caicos blogger trip (jealous). Even though you're not going, there's still another time. Plus, with all of the deals and long weekends, you can try and squeeze in a trip somewhere, that is, of course, if your situation allows it.

  2. I think you made me tear up. Although I don't like lift off at all....I love landing and escaping the daily to do's of life. I don't think I've been on a plane this year and that's unusual. However, there are wonderful places to visit in the tri state area that will give him lasting memories as well.