Enjoying Outdoor Play with Julius Jr

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Now that the weather is getting warmer, we've started taking mini trips outside to the playground. Both my son and I enjoy going outside and enjoying the warm sunny days.

Saban Brands Julius Jr themed outdoor play items

Note: I'm part of Saban’s Brand-Bassador program and will share monthly information and news about their products. Product samples provided for review purposes. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Last month I received a package from Saban Brands filled with Julius Jr. themed outdoor play items including a Julius Jr. tumbler cup and outdoor activity sheets.

The activity sheets were created in partnership with the Center for Childhood Creativity (CCC), a recognized leader in early childhood development and creative play. These customized activities have combined the CCC’s overall goal with Julius Jr. key themes of playful adventure, active play, imagination and invention

These items came in very handy during our latest trip to the playground.

Saban Brands Julius Jr themed outdoor play items

Before heading to the playground my son colored the inside sheet in his Julius Jr. tumbler cup. Then we picked one of the activities to complete for the day. We chose the Nature Hunt, which meant we'd pick up some leaves for a craft when we came back home.

Saban Brands Julius Jr themed outdoor play items

Then we headed to the playground to swing on pipes, run across bridges and of course keep hydrated with our Julius Jr. tumbler.

Saban Brands Julius Jr themed outdoor play items

Then we started collecting different leaves for our Nature Hunt project.

Once back home we cut the leaves in half, taped them down and spent time drawing the others sides. While drawing we discussed what we noticed about the leaves and how they were different.

It was a fun and quick project you can also recreate at home. Visit the CCC Family Activity page to download activity sheets you can do with your family.

Saban Brands Julius Jr themed outdoor play items

We ended our day with more coloring, this time with new spring-themed Julius Jr. coloring sheets! We had a great day with Julius Jr.

For more information about Julius Jr., visit www.nickjr.com/julius-jr

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