Techlicious Tour & Summit at CE Week NYC

By 6/30/2013 08:32:00 PM

This week during the Consumer Electronics Association’s Line Show (CEA) here in New York City, I was invited to join Techlicious for a private tour of some of he exhibitors with products that fit a family lifestyle.

Techlicious Tech Tea with Sony Electronics Netflix and Philips Sound

I was invited as media to this event, treated to lunch and received a gift bag with product samples. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

I also attended a private lunch at BLT Fish, where I saw products from 3 select companies and then I ended my day at the Techlicious Summit: How to Engage Women Consumers, a two-hour conference to learn how women are different than men when making tech purchases, engage using social media and more.

Here is a brief recap of what I saw and learned with Techlicious.

During The Techlicious Tech Tea with Sony Electronics, Netflix and Philips Sound

At a private tech tea lunch, the group heard from Sony Electronics, Netflix and Philips Sound about their latest products.

Netflix talked about their family section which now has profiles, Sony Electronics demoed how their Xperia Tablet Z can be dropped in water but still work, and Philips Sound shared about their detachable Bluetooth speakers and the ShoqBox, which is a great travel item since it's splash and shock proof with great sound.

During The Techlicious CEA Line Show Tour

Techlicious CE Week Show tour

During the Techlicious CE Week Show tour, a group of parenting and lifestyle bloggers had a change to speak with exhibitors and learn more about their products. The exhibitors we visited included:
  • Goji Smart Lock the first electronic deadbolt to provide home-access control and information, including picture alerts, via smart phones.
  • WHOOSH! Screen Shine uses natural polymers to remove biofilm, dirt, smudges, skin oils and fingerprints from your mobile device while leaving a nano-thin, invisible coating that resists dust, smudges and fingerprints.
  • The XO Learning Tablet an Android compatible software package for target for child learning with applications, books, games and videos for children ages 3 to 12.
  • iGotcha Cases feature a stretchy hand strap to keep your smartphone assessable and safe.
  • Artsee Studio Drawing Kit Case lets a child draw, paint, and animate using the ArtSee Studio App. Artsee Studio transforms simple drawings and paintings on the iPad into animated games and activities
  • The Modlet SmartAC Kit – allows you to remotely control the window air conditioners via smartphone app or browser, and preset convenient savings schedules so rooms are only cooled as needed. The modlet smartAC kit is in partnership with the coolNYC program, to help Con Edison customers protect the environment by using less energy while keeping their homes cool during the summer heat.
  • Spreengs are the first video greeting cards. Spreengs are printed greeting cards which include a digital screen and a set of speakers. It's easy to transfer your picture, sound, or video files (in any format) to the card using a USB connection from your computer.

During The Techlicious Summit: How to Engage Women Consumers

Techlicious Summit How to Engage Women Consumers CE Week
Techlicious Summit How to Engage Women Consumers CE Week
Techlicious Summit How to Engage Women Consumers CE Week

I ended my day at the Techlicious Summit where I heard from various panels on how women use technology and social media. A few highlighted data that caught my attention include
  • Women emphasize more on quality and ease of use than men do
  • According to research, men are better at building social networks than women, yet women tend to dominate social networks, except for Google+.
  • For brands looking to work with blogger. "Don't ask bloggers to spit back your message in your marketing language. It cheapens your brand and the blogger's"

As you can imagine it was a full day of technology and learning and I TOTALLY enjoyed myself. Thank so much Techlicious!

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  1. So, so glad that you could join us! Thank YOU!!

  2. Thank you for inviting me. I learn so much!

  3. It was great to read your recap and remember everything that happened that day. It was also great seeing you once again.

  4. It's always nice to see and hang out with you and other techie parents