Getting A Cool Beam Facial at Exhale Mind Body Spa

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After interviewing Niki Taylor about Optimal Solutions, I was invited to enjoy one of Exhale Mind Body Spa facial treatments. After a week where my laptop dies, my son's school was shut down unexpectedly and numerous others stressful situations...I NEEDED a relaxing treatment.

Cool Beam Facial at Exhale Mind Body Spa

Please Note: I was invited as media to the Nature's Bounty event and received a spa treatment. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Cool Beam Facial at Exhale Mind Body Spa

After changing into a comfy robe, I zenned out in the waiting room till my facialist came for me. Then I collapsed on the table and let her do her magic! Everything felt so good as she cleaned, misted, and prepared my face for the treatment.

Cool Beam Facial at Exhale Mind Body Spa

I chose to receive the Cool Beam Facial Therapy and it was amazing!
In a Cool Beam session, a healing light is applied to the face, with particular focus on fine lines, sun spots, breakouts, and irritation. The antibacterial light sparks the production of collagen, softening fine lines as it gently reduces inflammation, diminishes acne, and hydrates. Suitable for any age and every skin type!

The treatment was cool and refreshing. I asked my facialist tons of questions about the process and she was super nice and took the time to explain. And when I whipped out my phone to capture the moment, she didn't call security. Ha!

By the end of my treatment my face felt amazing and was super hydrated. Even in the dim light I could see myself glowing. It felt good to take 30 mins to relax and do something to help me feel and look great.

How do you take time to relax? Have you ever gotten a spa treatment or facial?

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