Nate Berkus Answers My Holiday Shopping Question on His Show

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Every once in a while I'll receive a request to be on a TV show. Usually it's to be part of a segment talking about a topic. I tend to turn them down because the topics usually don't relate to anything current in my life.

Nate Berkus Show

But that all changed when I had the chance to be on the Nate Berkus Show for their Retailer Secrets Exposed segment.

I'm on Nate Berkus Show
I'm on Nate Berkus Show
Metting Alexa Von Tobel on Nate Show

It's not often I get to be a just a regular mom having a question answered by an expert. But in the "Retailer Secrets Exposed" Nate and Alexa Von Tobel answered my holiday related question. Yah!

You can't beat that kind of help. So what was my question and what did Nate and Alexa have to say? You can watch the video of the show on the Nate Berkus Show

What was like being on the show? It was pretty awesome. The set is beautiful and very, very bright. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. They interact great with the audience and make us very comfortable. Speaking of comfortable, the audience seats are so lush!

Seeing Nate in real life was great. Yes he's handsome but there's also something very sweet and kind about him. At least from where I was sitting.

While I did get a chance to ask Nate my question I didn't get a chance to stay and speak to him face to face. I know, I know but I'm a mom who needed to dash off and pick up her son from daycare. The same son I went on to show to ask a question for.

Maybe next time I'll get a chance to meet and speak with Nate face to face. For now I'm glad they answered my question on the show!

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  1. Great questions. Your a natural on tv!!

  2. you were great. a natural. didnt know you were a harlem native. i must pick your brain about one of my favorite places in ny.

  3. How cool! Nate is on while I am at work but since I started maternity leave I love getting his tips. I love the Thursday is best for handbags tip!