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By 10/04/2023 11:37:00 AM

Picturehouse's riveting, emotional thriller, AT THE GATES, opens in select theaters on Nov. 3 in New York and Los Angeles.

The theatrical opening follows a series of festival screenings, including recent New York Latino Film Festival, where it won the Best U.S. Narrative Prize, the Woodstock Film Festival and SCAD Savannah Film Festival.

“AT THE GATES is a gripping combination of noir and political commentary that creates a tense and emotional ride,” says Bob Berney, CEO of Picturehouse. “Set in what could be the not-too-distant future, the film asks how far you would go to protect your family.”


Ana (Vanessa Benavente), a housekeeper from El Salvador, brings her teenage son Nico (Ezekiel Pacheco) to help her clean an affluent family’s Los Angeles home.

But after someone rings the front gate, her employers, Marianne (Miranda Otto) and Peter Barris (Noah Wyle), inform them that immigration officers are searching for them and convince the pair to hide in a basement closet, demanding they hand over their cell phones as a safety precaution.

As days go by under the same roof, each family begins to question the other’s true intentions in this riveting and emotional thriller from first-time feature director Augustus Meleo Bernstein.

A Beacon Pictures and Five Towers production, the film stars Miranda Otto, Noah Wyle, Ezekiel Pacheco, Vanessa Benavente and Sadie Anne Stanley.

Written and directed by emerging filmmaker Augustus Meleo Bernstein. He also produced the film along with Jhanvi Motla and Paulo Torre.
Executive producers are Colleen Camp, Bob Berney, Armyan Bernstein and Rodrigo Garcia.
The film's cinematographer was Alan Torres.
Score composed by Julia Newman.

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