Soothing Kids to Sleep with Cloud B: Tranquil Whale

By 9/09/2023 10:14:00 AM

Getting kids to adjust their sleep schedule from summer to a back to school and Fall schedule isn't easy. But using a soothing product like Cloud B: Tranquil Whale Family can help.

Note: I received a product sample for review purposes. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

I recently used it to help my son calm down after an active day and get him into a restful mode. While the Tranquil Whale Family is considered a "baby" product, it can be used as a relaxing device for an older child.

My Review

Both of the whales were soft and lightweight. Making for a great cuddle buddle. But we were excited to try out the light effect.

Which was a feature both my son and I enjoyed. The projected moving ocean light effect was relaxing, especially when you use the "ocean" sound. Depending on how bright you wanted the ocean effect, it could light up the whole room or just provides a cozy glow.

You can also adjust how bright the lights are, if the light effect moves or stays still, the sound effects. While we mostly enjoyed the "ocean" sounds, you can also choose musical or no sound option.

And after a certain time, everything automatically turns off. So my son doesn't have to get up, or I have to go into his room, to turn it off. So we both can have a restful night!

Cloud B Sleep Products

Cloud B specializes in beautiful and comforting sleep aid toys that become a child’s and parent’s best friend. They offer a unique and adorable range of plush toys, sound machines, and nightlights that are designed to soothe and create a peaceful environment for restful sleep (benefiting the entire household)!

Tranquil Whale Family: Projects a moving ocean light effect onto the ceiling of the room. A baby whale rattle accompanies the Tranquil Whale. Available in colors, white and blue.

Some of their other products include:

Sleep Sheep: Inside this sweet sheep is a secret sleep solution – a sound machine that plays 8 soothing sounds and melodies!

Lovelight Buddies - Finley the Fawn: The Lovelight™ plays melodies, has colorful lighting effects, and has a recording function for children. Various animal options are available.

Sweet Dreamz - All in-one baby soother! Each character is a portable sound and light soother! Compact enough to take wherever you go, with a heart shaped clip in a convenient size that easily attaches almost anywhere!

Learn more, visit -

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