Keep Kids Active with Bolder Play Products & Toys

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Warmer months are a great time to get kids off of their screens and focused on active play with Bolder Play adventurous products and toys!

Keep Kids Active with Bolder Play Products and Toys

Bolder Play inspires collaborative, imaginative, and active playtime. This allows children to become better physically and mentally, helping them play bigger, braver, and bolder. This means taking risks and being okay with failure, with a nudge to try again.

The bold product designs develop kinesthetics, core muscles, and problem-solving skills during important milestones throughout childhood development. Kids independently explore the natural and physical world in an unstructured setting.

Bolder Play outdoor products include ziplines, slacklines, and backyard and indoor swings and games.

For instance, hanging from the Ninjaline® and Slackers® hero products transform the traditional slackline by adding dozens of fun elements that turn it into a playground. Its ziplines offer a wide array of backyard fun, while its indoor and big outdoor swings (40" and 50" versions) cater to kids' intrinsic joy in swinging.

The Playzone Fit® and 4Fun Outdoor Games products further the adventure and build on motor skills, balance, and coordination.

Active, Imaginative, & Cooperative Play

Ninjaline 36’ Intro Kit ($129.99) - Increases a child's balance, strength, and capacity while enabling them to try hard things that encourage them to rise to new levels. Children play and use their imagination for hours outside in the fresh air. Conveniently install the kits between two healthy trees or posts and store them in the handy drawstring backpack for easy storage. Also available in a 56’ intro kit.

Kidtrix™ Deluxe Doorway Swing ($149.99) - Rainy day? Not enough time to drive to the park? Not ready to invest in a large swing set for the backyard? The Kidtrix Deluxe Doorway System is your solution so you can inspire active play every day!

Slackers Swingline™ ($119.98) - This is the perfect introductory line for those little ones full of energy and ready to start building their upper body strength and swinging skills. Kids easily move through the course and rearrange the line of activity as desired.

Skate Swing ($79.99) - Part skateboard and part swing, this ride takes play to new heights. The bright wooden prism design and non-slip foam top make this toy safe and eye-catching for a fun, high-flying addition to the Ninjaline.

Deluxe Cosmic Glow in the Dark Mini Golf ($199.99) - The perfect addition to family game night. Get the family together or a group of buddies for a birthday party to play miniature golf with this five-hole course. Each hole has a fun, challenging obstacle, such as a tunnel, ramp, zig-zag, and moving windmill. The putting green mat adds the illusion you're outside on a course!

The Original StairSlide ($74.50) - The rainy day must-have that turns any staircase into a slide zone, perfect for kids and worry-free for parents! Each long-lasting, easy-to assemble section covers three stair steps. As long as you have enough StairSlides you can cover almost any staircase. When you're done with the fun, just stack and store for later use!

Check out these products and get the entire family active inside and outside home (even on rainy days!)

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