Happy Hues Big-Ups Training Pants Positive Affirmations

By 2/20/2023 04:03:00 PM

Happy Hues, an eco-friendly, inclusivity-centered baby & toddler essentials brand, released their collection of Big-Ups training pants, along with an animation series for little ones of all hues everywhere.

Happy Hues Big-Ups Training Pants Positive Affirmations

The Happy Hues Collection includes two designs and more:

  • “Super Me” depicts toddlers of various hues in capes ready to embrace the world.
  • “I Am”, highlights a series of positive affirmations throughout the design.

And each product includes a wetness indicator, double leak guard for extra protection and an elastic waistband for easy ups and downs.

The all inclusive, gender neutral, easy to use, and fun & affirming designs of Happy Hues training pants bring relief, comfort and joy to an all too stressful experience, whether you're a first time parent or an experienced one.

Happy Hues Animation Series

Happy Hues Big-Ups Training Pants for Children of Color

An animation series that reinforces the importance of community, affirmations and joy beyond the potty! The Happy Hues crew content, which consists of your kids next four favorite characters, will be available via QR code on each package!

Importance of Happy Hues

Founded by mom and mastermind behind Because of Them We Can, the global media platform centered on representation, and #CultureTags, the viral spirited cultural card game, Eunique Jones Gibson, is hoping to bring INCLUSIVITY, AFFIRMATIONS and COMMUNITY to children of all hues ...because what if changing the world started in diapers?

It is no secret that representation plays a big part in children’s lives, from developing self-esteem and self-image to respecting other cultures, representation is an integral part of fostering inclusivity.

Happy Hues was founded on the premise of cultivating confidence in toddlers.

Learn more, visit - www.happyhues.com

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