Little Spoon Yogurt Smoothies Flavors

By 8/23/2022 02:06:00 PM

Little Spoon has launched a line of yogurt-based Smoothies featuring Straus Dairy organic and sustainable yogurt with flavors like Banana Split, Peaches and Cream, and Triple Berry Parfait.

Little Spoon Yogurt Smoothies Flavors

The new yogurt Smoothies, starting at $2.79, are made with Little Spoon standards - 100% organic, free of artificial ingredients with 4G of protein made from organic fruit, vegetables and superfoods.

  • Banana Split with Greek Yogurt - A healthy twist on a classic dessert. Banana, strawberry, parsnip, cocoa and vanilla are blended with Greek yogurt for that perfect banana split taste.
  • Peaches + Cream with Greek Yogurt - This classic summer dessert gets a fresh twist with organic peaches, Greek yogurt, kabocha squash, date, vanilla and protein-packed chia seeds to brighten up snacktime.
  • Triple Berry Parfait with Greek Yogurt - This creamy blend of berries and Greek yogurt feature an unexpected star with nutrient-packed purple carrot.

Little Spoon delivers smoothies straight to your door and they serve as the perfect anytime snack, after-school treat, or on-the-go breakfast for busy mornings.

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