Tips to Pick the Right Bidet for Families

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When toilet paper was in short supply during the pandemic, many found new interest in quality bidets that offered a higher level of hygiene and comfort.

Tips to pick the right Bidet for families

SmartBidet, maker of a top-of-the-line bidet that cleanses in either "posterior," "feminine" or "turbo wash" mode, even has on-demand hot water and temperature controlled washing and heat drying. There's even a seat heater!

All of that sounds great, but how can you pick the right bidet model for your family? I spoke with the SmartBidet to get some helpful tips.

To start SmartBidet unit replaces your current toilet seat and lid and simply plugs in to a wall outlet. They're easy to install yourself in about 20 to 30 minutes.

Families with Pregnant Women

The feminine wash is great for pregnant moms and postpartum moms. The SmartBidet may help with pregnancy symptoms such as the enlarged belly, constipation, light spotting, hemorrhoids, extra vaginal bleeding, bladder leakage, etc.

SmartBidet is a great alternative for postpartum moms who delivered via caesarean section and vaginally. Simply sit down, press a few buttons, and let the bidet do all the work (no more straining, reaching, and wiping).

Families with Children

Tips to Pick the Right Bidet for Families

For families with children, look into SmartBidet models that have a Child button, specifically for ages 5 and up. Suggested Models SB-3000, SB-2600, and SB-110.

This function automatically washes and dries a child's bottom at a set number of seconds with the press of one button. The set water and dryer temperature and pressure is a safer option rather than if they were to manually press buttons themselves.

Some Bidet models have an attached control panel, while others have a remote control that you can mount to your wall. If you don’t want your toddler or child constantly pressing the buttons on the control panel, where it’s easily accessible to them, you can choose the remote control model and place the remote where it’s out of their reach.

SmartBidet suggest parental supervision for young children for their safety*(refer to manual for all precautions) since the bathroom can become wet very quickly if they play around with the water shooting out!

Families with Seniors

For families with grandparents or elderly members, they prefer to press just one button for ease. So they can simply press the Child button if they may feel overwhelmed by the number of various buttons.

Model SB-3000 has a larger remote with a screen so some of our elderly customers prefer this model. There's also a separate large remote for those who prefer large buttons and large text.

Bidet are amazing for anyone with limited mobility and for whom wiping may be a challenge.

Bidet for All Families

All models have posterior wash (for him and her) and feminine wash so men and women can both use the SmartBidet. Most models have Turbo wash (for him and her) too.

One basic yet important suggestion for anyone is to make sure to check if you have an elongated, round, or French Curve toilet and if the model you are looking at will fit your toilet well when installed.

Bidets are a great way to upgrade your bathroom and your hygiene routine and almost anyone ages 5 and up can reap the benefits.

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