Summer Safari & August Events at CMOM

By 7/30/2022 02:12:00 PM

This August, join CMOM in an expedition across earth, water, fire, air, and outer space, learning about different life forms from our past, present, and wildest dreams.

From submerging your imagination into magical oceanscapes, to bringing the heat with a lava dance obstacle course, to getting carried away with birds, balloons, and bubbles, your next summer adventure awaits at CMOM!

Creatures of the Earth | Monday – Sunday, August 1 – 7
Explore animals who live on and deep within the earth, from our past to those we see today!

  • Fossil Finder Scavenger Hunt - Put your explorer hat on and search for evidence of ancient creatures waiting to be found at CMOM!
  • Jungle Mystery Box - Select a mystery box with a secret animal theme inside, then let your imagination run wild as you create a mixed-media artwork inspired by your mystery creature.
  • Rainforest Sensory Bin - Activate your senses as you explore a mini safari bin filled with squishy animals, wild plants, and foamy rocks!

Under Water Worlds | Monday – Sunday, August 8 – 14
Use your imagination to go under the sea and create an underwater world filled with magical living creatures.

  • Submarine Pop-up Cards - Submerge and emerge from an ocean collage of your own creation as you explore the many living creatures you might find under the sea!
  • 3D Aquarium! - Help us create a larger-than-life 3D aquarium perfect for any marine life lover.
  • Jumping Jellyfish Puppets - Design a jellyfish puppet whose tentacles can really wiggle and jiggle around the dance floor.

Bring the Heat | Monday – Sunday, August 15 – 21
You can get warm and cozy or powerful and dramatic as CMOM brings in the heat with a lava dance obstacle course, stories by an imaginary campfire, and (not so real) fire-breathing dragons.

  • Lava Obstacle Course - Along with your mighty paper hard hat, dance your way through the lava obstacle course to claim a prize worthy of any safari explorer.
  • Campfire Diorama - Join us on a super fun and wild adventure as we build a tiny tent and a campfire for your favorite tiny toys to explore and live in.
  • Fire Breathing Dragon Puppets - Create fire-breathing dragon puppets that really blow pretend fire!

Up, Up in the Sky | Monday – Sunday, August 22 – 28
Learn about birds, air balloons, and bubbles during a week of fun where everything goes up, up, and away!

  • Paper Kingfishers Puppets - Common to wet regions in Africa, Malachite Kingfisher birds are excellent at fishing. Create a Kingfisher puppet and join us by the pretend pond as we watch over its slow and invisible moving water to catch a fish.
  • Hot Air Balloons - Ever wondered how hot air balloons work? Learn the science behind this fascinating aircraft as you create your own mini hot air balloon.
  • Cloud-making Machines - Use a recycled bottle and a sock to create a cloud making machine!

Beyond Time & Space | Monday – Wednesday, August 29 – 31
Make a dwarf planet of the dwarf planet, Pluto; allow your mind to travel into the future; imagine what life may be like on other planets; and design your very own UFO!

  • Time Capsule - Create your own time capsule and ask your loved ones to help you fill it up with precious memories!
  • Puffy Paint Pluto - Help keep up with Pluto’s eccentric and inclined orbit by creating a mini version covered in layered craters and icy plains.
  • UFO Spacecraft Habitat - Create a paper plate craft, along with play-doh and pom-pom outer space creatures to live in it!

Dynamic H2O
Sussman Environmental Center

Dynamic H2O is CMOM’s popular seasonal outdoor exhibit that teaches children about New York City’s amazing water system.

With hands-on activations and colorful graph­ics, the exhibit invites children to explore how New York City gets its water and the role water plays in our local environment. The experi­ence begins with an interactive lesson on the water cycle up in the clouds.

Children can then follow floating droplets as they flow downstream, past a pretend fishing hole, and are channeled over a bridge through pipes before arriving at the water’s edge, where visitors can help engineer a city!

CMOM is open seven days a week, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., with timed entry throughout the day. Visitors are encouraged to purchase timed-entry tickets online in advance. Admission is free for all members and $16 for non-members, and provides entry to all CMOM programs and exhibitions.

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