Tips for Summer Learning & Resources from Khan Academy

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To help parents (and kids) manage summer learning, I'm sharing free resources from Khan Academy, along with tips and tricks from Khan Academy founder and CEO Sal Khan.

Sal Khan Tips for Summer Learning Resources from Khan Academy

Khan Academy free resources

  • Get Ready for Grade Level courses for math are designed to equip students with the critical skills they need for the fall. Also, Get Ready for AP Statistics and Get Ready for AP Calculus.
  • Camp Khan is a 31-day challenge for learners to complete 30-minutes of learning each day in July. We’ll provide parents and students with goal trackers, fun activities, boredom busters, and lots of chances to enter giveaways and win prizes.
  • Camp Khan Kids for ages 2 to 8 is a playful educational journey using the free app Khan Academy Kids as a launchpad into hands-on learning.
  • provides free small group tutoring in math and SAT prep. Plus, students can become a tutor themselves to pay it forward.

10 tips for summer learning from Sal Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy

  • Check in with your teacher before the end of the school year to find out what they recommend.
  • If you're considering a summer program at your school district or a summer camp, look for a mix of academic and fun learning activities. Research shows summer learning is most effective when academics are coupled with activities like art, dance or sports.

    Your school district may call these "enrichment" activities. Many districts have expanded their free summer offerings, and they often include transportation, breakfast and lunch.
  • If you're not enrolling in a formal summer program, make the most of the mornings at home when kids are the freshest.?
  • Show them how to start the day with a small win by making their beds. Yes, change out of PJ's.
  • After breakfast, spend 15 minutes on math and 15 minutes on reading.
  • With math, look for online programs that are tailored to your child and that take the burden off you. Many are free.
  • Take small bites and celebrate small wins.
  • In the afternoons, if possible plan outdoor learning outings to parks, zoos, gardens, etc.?
  • Encourage passion projects. Kids are excited to work on things they love.
  • And finally, remember summer should be restorative. Kids have been through a lot. Bring out the joy.

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