Cook Like a Pro Cookbooks Bundle Supports Charity

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Discover recipes with these cookbooks and culinary guides! Learn from the experts at Good Housekeeping, Delish, and Prevention, and help support Freedom of the Press Foundation!

Note: This posted was written in partnership with Hearst Specials and Humble Bundle. I received a free download. However, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own

The "Cook Like a Pro" Bundle

Covering everything from weeknight dinners to special diets to seasonal favorites, the “Cook Like a Pro” bundle features thousands of recipes that have been developed and approved by the test kitchens at Delish, Good Housekeeping, and more—so you can guarantee your meals will come out perfect, every time.

The Cook Like a Pro bundle is available worldwide from 6/9 – 6/30 (2PM EST), for a sliding-scale price that starts at $1.

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Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a unique platform that offers ebook bundles in a “pay what you want” setting. Users can set their own bundle price using a sliding scale, or they choose between three pricing tiers ($1; $10; $18 for all 27 cookbooks).

A portion of all Humble Bundle proceeds are shared with charity (in this case, Freedom of the Press Foundation, which supports free speech and freedom of the press).

The purchase process is super easy! Simply go the bundle page, choose your price, check out, and then download the files as you would any other ebook.

Featured brands: Country Living, Delish, Food Network Magazine, Prevention, Woman’s Day, Women’s Health

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