Blowfish Malibu Kids Shoes Comfortable & Stylish

By 6/09/2022 01:58:00 PM

With longer Summer days ahead, that means more time running around, having fun and your little one can do it all while looking super stylish!

Blowfish Malibu Kids Shoes Comfortable & Stylish

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With casual and fancier outings in mind, I'm sharing a few of Blowfish Malibu Kids shoes, that will keep your child one feeling cute while remaining comfortable.


A 100% cotton that gives a comfortable synthetic sole wedge that brings support to those looking for a style to boost their look. With the small 1-inch cushioned heel, these cuties have everything you need.


If a classic look is what you’re going for, this features Blowfish’s classic asymmetrical upper with a velcro upper allowing for getting out the door with ease. The comfortable, easy slip in and out of style of this shoe gives the best of both worlds.


Last but definitely not least, the is a great go-to for any occasion. This style features a multi-strap upper with braided strap detailing adding a flair to your little one's summer looks.

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