BLENDi Pro Portable Cordless Blender for Travel Smoothies

By 6/09/2022 10:44:00 AM

BLENDi Pro cuts the cord on traditional blending and allows smoothie lovers to blend anywhere want with ease. Replicate your at-home blending experience in the convenience of your water bottle.

BLENDi Pro Portable Cordless Blender for Travel Smoothies

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No more waiting to get home or settling for a clumpy drink. With an LED display and one-click operation, BLENDi Portable Blender is not just your average shaker bottle.

THE LARGEST CAPACITY PORTABLE BLENDER EVER - The BLENDi Pro plus has 17.5 oz capacity. Blend in the car, beach, or the gym.

CAN ALSO FUNCTION AS A TRAVEL WATER BOTTLE - Simply screw off the blending base and cover with the included attachment cover, screw on the conversion base and now you have a travel water bottle to put your favorite beverage in: water for the gym, juice for breakfast, etc.

RECHARGEABLE BLENDER - NO batteries needed. Just take the USB cord and plug it in and experience a fully charged BLENDi that lasts for 15 full blends.

MEANT FOR PEOPLE ON THE GO, BUT PRACTICAL IN THE KITCHEN OR BBQ - Whether making a milkshake, crushing nuts for a pie, making a sauce for your chicken, our cordless blender is sure to make you the talk of the party. No Cords Necessary

With its compact, lightweight design and cordless base, it easily stores away in the kitchen, bag, or car.

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