Simple Science Experiments For Curious Kids Book

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Attention all Young Scientists! Spark curiosity and unleash the magic of science with 100 awesome experiments using items you already have around the house! No special wires, box cutters or batteries necessary.

Simple Science Experiments For Curious Kids Book by Andrea Scalzo Yi

Each engaging experiment introduces a takeaway science lesson. For example, assemble a mind-blowing volcano and grasp the basics of water density. Drip liquid over toothpicks and watch them form a star: the perfect primer on capillary action.

Super Simple Science Experiments For Curious Kids Book by Andrea Scalzo Yi

The book has 4 chapters that include the 3 states of matter: Solids, Liquids & Gases.

LIQUIDS – Liquids are defined as having a definite volume, but not a definite shape. They take the shape of the containers they are placed in, and there are so many exciting ways to experiment with them! In this chapter, you’ll explore capillary action by making a toothpick star and learn about the speed in which molecules move in water by making an underwater volcano. You’ll also make an ocean in a jar, try a delicious density drink and make an amazing three-layer bubble!

SOLIDS – Solids are objects that have a definite shape and volume. They retain their shape even when not confined by another object. Their particles are stable and typically packed together more closely than liquids or gases. In this chapter, you will do experiments involving solids and explore concepts including static electricity, heat transfer, inertia and magnetism. You’ll make fun sensory solids like fluffy slime & oobleck and a leak-proof bag you can stick pencils through. You’ll also learn how to turn coins blue and write secret messages in a banana!

GASES – Gas is a state of matter where the atoms are very spread out! You are surrounded by gases. From the air you breathe (oxygen) and the air you exhale or bubbles in a can of soda (carbon dioxide) to the air that makes a balloon float (helium), different gases are all around us. In these experiments, you’ll learn about air pressure as well as do some experiments to show you how gases are all around you, even if you can’t see them! You make lemon volcanos that fizz and flow, smoking bubbles using dry ice and a trick bottle that leaks water when your friend opens it!

LIGHT, COLOR & SOUND – In the final chapter of the book, you’ll explore experiments focusing on light, color & sound. You’ll learn about primary and secondary colors, symmetry, sound waves and ultraviolet rays! You’ll also make some beautiful pieces of art along the way! You’ll make milk swirl with bright colors, underwater fireworks, and fizzy art using baking soda & vinegar! You’ll also make swirling water shapes and beautiful oil and water art!

If you enjoyed 100 Easy STEAM Activities, then you'll really love this one!

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  1. This Science experiment book looks perfect for my grandson

  2. Liquids would be the one we try first.

  3. A light, color, and sound experiment. Patricia E