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By 4/22/2022 07:17:00 AM

Experience the world of dinosaurs like never before when epic docuseries PREHISTORIC PLANET debuts on Apple TV+ during five-nights, Monday, May 23 - Friday, May 27, with a new episode each day.

“Prehistoric Planet” utilizes the latest developments in scientific discovery from expert paleontologists to showcase the detail, nuance, and majesty of these creatures.

Prehistoric Planet — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

The new trailer for “Prehistoric Planet” helps audiences young and old get a glimpse into some of the most astonishing new dinosaur species, showcased in their natural habitats, including:

  • New insight into the Tyrannosaurus rex species - they could swim!
    • While they were mostly land-living there is fossil evidence to suggest that these massive (13 meters long and tipping the scales at 10 tons) dinosaurs would have been competent swimmers using a powerful kicking motion to propel them across large bodies of water.
  • Two new species of Tyrannosaur, never before seen on screen:
    • Qianzhousaurus, sometimes known as ‘Pinocchio rex’ because of their long snouts. These new tyrannosaurs were newly discovered in the last decade in Eastern China.
    • Nanuqsaurus, a small tyrannosaur (around 6 meters) built for life in the polar north, we see them here covered in insulated feathers to help them survive the winter in prehistoric Alaska. They were thought to be extremely intelligent and capable of hunting in groups.
  • Accurate representations of Velociraptor in more detail – fully feathered and much smaller in size than previously imagined – similar to an adult wild turkey!
    • This makes them no less fearsome and we are shown a detailed look at their giant, sickle shaped claws.
From acclaimed executive producers Jon Favreau, Mike Gunton and BBC Studios Natural History Unit (“Planet Earth”) Narrated by Sir David Attenborough and featuring score from Hans Zimmer.

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