Nourish Your Life: Cookbook Recipes to Live By Habibi Sport

By 2/22/2022 01:36:00 PM

Personal health and lifestyle brand Habibi Sport has released its first cookbook. Nourish Your Life: Recipes to Live By, which focuses on wellness from the inside out.

Nourish Your Life: Recipes to Live By ($24.99) is a specially-curated collection of recipes originated from Habibi founder Shahada Karm’s tried-and-true NOURISH nutrition program.

The cookbook contains dozens of recipes broken down into categories, from smoothies to soups and salads. Karim personally formulated each and every recipe with her clients’ total health and wellness in mind.

Karim is proud to say that Nourish Your Life is the perfect way to bring together some of the most beloved recipes straight from the company’s extensive collection. “These are dishes that I make in my home on a regular basis; they are delicious and filling, with ingredients that are accessible to everyone.”

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