5 Stash Tea-Infused Summer Cocktails Ideas

By 7/21/2021 12:33:00 PM

Stash Tea has brewed up an assortment of tea-infused tas-tea alcoholic and non-alcoholic chilled libations sure to help you cool down on hot summer nights and steamy summer days.

Tea-Infused Summer Cocktails Ideas

Take a moment and chillax on the chaise with one of these tea-infused summer quencher recipes:

Regent Punch

While there is some disparity on the exact ingredients that were originally used to create this recipe, it is widely believed that this simple punch recipe was a favorite of Regent Prince George August Frederic (later to be known as King George VI, late husband of the current Queen Mother).

Mango Passionfruit Hard Seltzer

Add a delicious tea-infused twist using Mango Passionfruit Herbal Tea to create the Stash Tea Hard Seltzer recipe. It’s tropical paradise-in-a-cup. The steps are easy to follow and the summer-y outcome is one that can impress even the biggest cocktail connoisseur person in your friend group.

Chai and Orange Mocktail

This drink tastes a little bit like fall, thanks to the spices in the Double Spice Chai like cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon; but it also tastes a little bit like spring, thanks to the bright citrusy flavors. The recipe makes enough for 8 servings, so you'll have enough to share if you're feeling generous.

Shaken Mango Passionfruit Tea Soda:

When it comes to enjoying drinks during a beachy holiday, the tropical Mango Passionfruit tea is right there with you, ready for the good times. Refreshingly sweet and fruity, this tea soda recipe comes together quickly so you can move on to more important things. Like sitting under the shade and just chillin’.

Pom Raspberry Iced Tea Cocktail

When it comes to summer refreshment, nothing hits the spot like a fruity flavored, sweet iced tea cocktail! The tart berry flavors mixed with sweet tea and rum make for a thirst-quenching delight. This rum and raspberry tea recipe is easy to follow, easy to make, and even easier to drink.

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