4 Tips How to Get a Baby to Take a Pacifier

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Pacifiers can be a tricky thing, babies either love them or hate them. But any parent will agree that sometimes having a pacifier can help sooth and calm an upset baby.

Tips How to Get a Baby to Take a Pacifier

To help caregivers who want to introduce a Pacifier to their baby, I'm sharing these tips from Carla Schneider, Founder and CEO of WubbaNub.

4 Tips How to Get a Baby to Take a Pacifier

Since sucking is a natural reflex and is soothing for babies, Carla recommends introducing the pacifier when the baby is content and happy, showing signs of wanting to suck, or after feeding. She suggests making it fun, sharing a loving interaction with the baby, and being patient. Some babies take longer than others.

Here are some of her top tips:

  • Touch the pacifier to the baby's lips to encourage them to open their mouth
  • Lightly shake the pacifier a little bit while in the baby’s mouth or lightly tap it with your fingernail to help trigger baby’s instinct to suckle
  • Every time the baby tries to take the pacifier in their mouth, pull it away a little bit until the baby sucks harder
  • Coat the pacifier in breastmilk or formula

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