AMNH Origami Holiday Tree 'Golden Anniversary' Theme

By 11/16/2021 03:00:00 PM

During the holiday, we visit the American Museum Of Natural History and stop by the Origami Holiday Tree.

Visiting AMNH Origami Holiday Tree 2020

Visiting AMNH Origami Holiday Tree 2015

Each year there's a theme and we enjoying seeing how the origami pieces are folded to match. One year we even joined in and made our own origami shapes to hang on the tree.

The AMNH Origami Holiday Tree really is special and we can't wait to celebrate it's 50th Anniversary this year! And of course see the special theme!

AMNH Origami Holiday Tree “Golden Anniversary

An annual feature of the Museum, the decorated Origami Holiday Tree is opening to the public on Wednesday, November 24 and will welcome visitors to the Museum throughout the season.

As a celebration of the Museum tradition that started in the early 1970s, the theme of the 13-foot tree is Gems of the Museum, featuring 50 specially created gold-colored models for the “golden anniversary” 50th Origami Holiday Tree.

Among the more than 1,000 origami pieces decorating the tree will be models of dazzling specimens from the new Allison and Roberto Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals, jaw-some pieces inspired by the new special exhibition Sharks, and those depicting iconic Museum exhibits like the Blue Whale, Titanosaur, and T. rex.

Origami first arrived at the Museum when entomologist Alice Gray became interested in creating paper models of the insects in the Museum’s collections. Gray created scores of paper insects, which wound up decorating a small holiday tree in one of the scientific offices.

The Origami Holiday Tree at the Museum – created by OrigamiUSA – has since become an annual tradition, beloved by visitors who see it each holiday season.

The Origami Holiday Tree is located in the Grand Gallery.

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