Video Lessons for Build to Launch STEAM Exploration Series

By 9/28/2021 05:13:00 PM

Lessons for The Build to Launch: A STEAM Exploration Series from LEGO® Education and NASA are now available free on the official LEGO Education YouTube channel.

Students (and adults) can easily follow the LEGO Space Team by watching the videos featuring LEGO minifigures Kate and Kyle during weekly press conferences with a rotating cast full of NASA engineers, scientists and astronauts including Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, NASA’s first female launch director.

Video currently on -

  • Build to Launch Ep. 1: Mission Briefing
  • Build to Launch Ep. 2: Operation Auto-Pilot
  • Build to Launch Ep. 3: STEAM Work is Teamwork

Providing students with unique solutions to STEAM, LEGO Education also launched the LEGO Learning System and SPIKE Essential, incorporating 21st century skills intended to better prepare students for the future.

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