4 Kids Educational Learning Toys from LeapFrog

By 9/03/2021 09:44:00 AM

LeapFrog has a new collection of educational toys that introduce important foundational skills at an early age to gets kids excited about learning.

4 Kids Educational Learning Toys from LeapFrog

LeapLand Adventures™ - a unique plug-and-play learning video game for preschoolers ages three and up, featuring different lands with replayable levels and educational content such as letters, numbers, shapes and colors.

Built for the TV with a wireless controller and HDMI game stick for quick and easy setup, kids can start playing right away because there is no web connection, downloads or account setup required. They can run and jump through progressive game levels, explore more than 150 learning items at their own pace by playing the educational content directly in the Learning Center and save game progress with up to five player profiles.

Count-Along Basket & Scanner™ ($34.99 ; ages 2+ years) - featuring play food, shopping lists and an interactive scanner that recognizes each food piece. Carry the shopping basket or expand it into a rolling shopping cart. Shop the rainbow with eight play foods in a variety of food groups, colors, shapes and numbers. The fish, carrots, strawberries, cake, bread, broccoli and grapes show off their silly personalities with music and unique phrases when scanned.

Scan the food pieces listed on the Food Group Feast and Shapes of the Day shopping lists to hear encouraging phrases and songs. Three interactive play modes reinforce learning. In Learn mode, scan a food to find out its name, color and the number printed on it. Some foods also announce their shapes. Switch to Count mode to follow the scanner's directions to scan foods up to ten times. Ready to play a game? The scanner gives clues for foods by name, number, color and shape in Game mode. Play pieces store in the basket.

The On-the-Go Story Pal™ - an adorable, bunny-shaped, portable player that lets kids take story time wherever they go. It features 70+ stories, poems, songs and lullabies to encourage listening comprehension and build a foundation for a love of storytelling. With easy-to-navigate controls and a headphone jack, kids ages three and up can listen anywhere.

Parents can personalize the On-the-Go Story Pal by recording up to 10 minutes of their voice reading their child's favorite story or create their own. They can also create a playlist of up to five stories, songs, poems or lullabies, while a timer allows parents to select a variety of stories, songs and lullabies to be played before the player shuts off. Free additional content is available for download and features four packs of additional stories and music.

LeapStart® Learning Success Bundle™ - an interactive learning system that grows with children. Along with activities that include games, puzzles and creative challenges that enhance learning, the expansive LeapStart® library of books (sold separately) covers a variety of preschool through first grade subjects for 2-7 year olds with more than 30 activities in every book.

The Go! Go! Cory Carson® Cory Carson Superhero School™ book, based on the popular animated series, and an additional activity book are included. The easy-to-hold stylus is comfortable for kids of all ages, promotes proper writing grip and neatly clicks into the cover for storage, while the carrying handle makes it easy to take LeapStart on the go.

These innovative new toys will be available this fall.

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