Yellow Scope Science Kits Inspire Girls’ Scientists

By 6/30/2021 05:53:00 PM

Yellow Scope’s science kits are perfect for keeping kids occupied and entertained, while they learn about the worlds of biology and chemistry.

The kits are designed to teach girls ages 8-12 about different areas of science., from foundational chemistry skills to the biology of DNA and traits.

Based on a middle school science curriculum, the kits come with safety googles, measuring cups and a full color lab notebook that engages kids by providing detailed experimental instructions, relevant scientific background, quizzes, fun facts, and space to doodle ideas and record observations.

Instead of memorizing a theory or formula from a book, kids learn that science is approachable and fun.

There are four Yellow Scope science kits that focus on different fundamental concepts of science –

  • “Foundation Chemistry: Beakers + Bubbles”
  • “Acids, Bases + pH: Cabbage Chemistry”
  • “Paper Chromatography: The Art + Science of Color”
  • “DNA + Traits: From Code to Creatures”

Each kit can be used to perform dozens of experiments and activities. Additional ideas are also available on the Yellow Scope blog including growing homemade rock candy and eggshell geodes to holiday-themed experiments like exploding Halloween bags and snowman dough.

Yellow Scope science kits are available individually and as two-pack or four-pack discounted bundles.

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