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Camp GoldieBlox: Adventures at Eureka Point, a free and open-to-all digital camp experience for kids 6-12, includes weekly “campisodes” featuring peer-aged social media influencers, real-life STEM trailblazers, surprise guests, activities, badges, prizes & curriculum.

Developed in partnership with IF/THEN, an initiative of Lyda Hill Philanthropies, and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, the camp aims to spark kids’ curiosity in STEM and showcase the ways that science, technology, education and math are an integral part of everyday problem-solving.

Jia Patel, Kiarra Beasley, and Malachi Crockett star in the series. A few of the featured experts include polymer chemist Helen Tran, paleontologist Myria Perez, and aerospace engineer Sydney Hamilton.

Camp Goldieblox ‘Campisode’

Every Friday throughout the summer, the Camp Goldieblox Youtube channel will premiere a new ‘campisode’ of ‘Adventures at Eureka Point’, a 10-part STEM adventure series featuring a cast of curious campers.

Each episode’s storyline explores a different science-related topic, such as space junk or climate change, and features real-life experts in that field, all of whom are AAAS IF/THEN ambassadors, female role models in STEM dedicated to inspiring the next generation of STEM pioneers.

The episodes also include related social videos and hands-on activities to do at home.

Episode 1: Scavenger Hunt

In this first episode of Adventures at Eureka Point, campers Jia, Malachi, and Kiarra are on a scavenger hunt when they encounter a bridge too far. Thankfully, the camp’s genius mad scientist, Kitty, knows just what to do and enlists some old friends to get the campers to the finish line. Mechanical Engineer and Toy Maker Debbie Sterling, STEM Educator and Media Entrepreneur Vanessa HIll and Statistician and Author Davina Durgana come to the rescue to help them make it to the finish line!

Episode 2: Plastics

Kiarra and Malachi turn to Kitty for help when they think Jia has turned herself into a plastic doll. Kitty introduces them to Polymer Chemist Helen Tran, Digital Archeologist Samantha Porter, and Pharmaceutical Scientist Paula Garcia Todd to find out what happened to Jia and what carrots have to do with plastic.

Episode 3: Lost in the Dark

The campers become lost after dark and need Kitty’s help to navigate their way back to camp. Astrophysicist Erika Hamden steps in to help the campers reach for the stars. Meanwhile, noises in the dark worry Malachi, Jia, and Kiarra. Environmental Biologist Earyn McGee stops by to show them the wisdom of the forest and the important roles large and small animals play in our ecosystem.

Episode 4: Shark Fin Shady

Camp legend has it that on a clear day, an ancient, mysterious creature can be seen in the lake. Jia, Malachi, and Kiarra turn to Kitty for help to solve the mystery of the lake creature. Shark Researcher Jess Cramp, Paleontologist Myria Perez, and Marine Conservation Scientist Kiki Jenkins come in to show the campers the importance of protecting the marine environment and how to research and make discoveries.

Episode 5: Space Junk

Jia, Malachi, and Kiarra make a wish on a star when one of the stars talks back to them with a warning of impending doom. For backup, the campers call Kitty, who connects them with Aerospace Engineer Sydney Hamilton, Spaceflight Engineer Dana Bolles, and BioMathematician Neha Murad. These experts teach the kids about meteors and space junk but….will it be in time to save the camp talent show?

Episode 6: When Glaciers Were Cool

Campers Kiarra, Jia, and Malachi head to the field for a game of soccer but find the field flooded. While investigating the cause they end up finding and exploring a glacier. Kitty connects the campers to Solar Physicist Kelly Koreck and Climate Scientist Kimberly Rain Miner, who show them that science and solutions are about teamwork.

Episode 7: Kitty's Lair

When Kitty goes missing, the campers need help. How can they find Kitty? How do they manage their intense emotions? The friendly mice at Kitty’s Lair bring in 3D Printing Educator Karina Popovich, Cancer Researcher Jaye Gardiner, and STEM to Dance founder YamilĂ©e Toussaint Beach to guide the campers on using teamwork, knowledge, and creativity to seek solutions.

Behind Camp Goldieblox

The Camp GoldieBlox campisodes were developed and produced jointly by GoldieBlox and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, with predominantly female creatives and crew. Co-directors are Maggie Chieffo and David Richardson. Chieffo also served as the series producer and Richardson as the series editor.

Rachel Kessler, Learning Design Specialist with Oregon Statewide Afterschool Network, who served as the STEAM equity and education consultant for the show stated, "The creators behind Camp GoldieBlox: Adventures at Eureka Point have taken the time to use fun STEAM practices while developing everything from the episodes to the activities and extras that come with them. It has been great to see an emphasis on engineering design, creativity and teamwork at all stages. We have partnered to make sure that everything about the show and its contents gives kids a chance to build their STEM identity alongside real STEM role models to meet real challenges! "

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