iD Tech Free Parent Workshops for Minecraft and Roblox

By 3/16/2021 11:58:00 AM ,

When it comes to gaming, some parents feel kept in the dark on what their kids are playing and how much is too much. These days kids are playing online games with their friends more than ever - most notably Minecraft and Roblox.

To help parents keep connected, iD Tech is now offering FREE Parent Workshops for both Minecraft and Roblox. iD’s experts will give tips on how to manage game time, handle rage quits, and provide advice to get kids to learn while they’re playing their favorite game.

March 2021 Sessions

  • Monday, March 22- 8pm ET
  • Thursday, March 25- 8pm ET
  • Monday, March 29- 8pm ET

Parents will also have the opportunity to ask experts any questions they may have about the games. The hope is with these courses, parents can better connect with their kids on topics they are passionate about or better yet, join in on the fun!

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