MiJa Books Helps Parents Find Multicultural Kid’s Bookstores & Publishers

By 2/04/2021 11:09:00 AM

Books are a great way to expand cultural awareness while illustrating the beauty of diversity. From Hair Love to Skin Like Mine, there’s room for every type of story.

MiJa Books, an online resource of children’s books that focus on multicultural themes, allows parents to easily search through a platform of Black & Latina-Owned Indie-Bookstores and self-publishers.

Created by the wife and husband entrepreneur team, Stephanie and Muammar Reed, the bookshop has selected titles featuring protagonists of color, which allows kids to see others just like them in print (representation matters to this brand!).

For Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, there’s a beautiful selection of books to fit each occasion, making them a must-have for every child’s bookshelf. From New York Times-Bestsellers to newly published authors, the vast collection of inspirational characters has something for all interests.

To learn more, visit - www.mijabooks.com

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