Microsoft Store Virtual Events for Black History Month

By 2/04/2021 01:52:00 PM

The Microsoft Store is using the power of technology to create and host free resources for educators and parents to keep students engaged virtually as they navigate important discussions around diversity and inclusion for Black History Month.

A few Microsoft Store Virtual Events include:

Book Readings:

NBA and NFL players, including Greg Jennings and Marcus Smart, will host virtual readings from Hidden Figures and Let the Children March as well other beloved children’s books.

Legacy Museum:

Microsoft Store created a new virtual museum highlighting prominent present-day Black voices and accomplishments, transporting directly into homes and classrooms.

Virtual Museum Tours:

Microsoft Store partnered with 13 national museums to create virtual tours, such as the Muhammad Ali Center, the GRAMMY Museum and Freedom Rides Museum, each paired with a learning session with an inspiring voice to help students unpack and apply the important themes.

Flipgrid Virtual Field Trips:

Flipgrid and Microsoft Store partnered to offer even more virtual field trips throughout the month featuring well-known authors such as, New York Times bestselling author and activist Frederick Joseph.

Minecraft Education Edition Lessons on Social Justice, Identity, and Civil Rights:

Minecraft: Education Edition’s Good Trouble World offers students an immersive lesson based on the teachings and life of Congressman John Lewis. Four new lessons are also available, touching on both Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work and the modern Black Lives Matter movement. Minecraft is offering a free demo throughout the month of February.

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