ROYBI Robot Teaches Kids Language & STEM Skills

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Roybi Robot is the smart toy robot designed to help children ages 3 through 7 learn multiple languages and STEM skills. Children can hear a story, sing a song, or learn a language.

Using machine learning, Roybi gradually tailors its lessons and responses to a child’s unique learning style, even recognizing the child’s emotions and incorporating content they most enjoys.

Roybi comes with over 500 lessons, 70 categories, and over 70,000 vocabularies.

Educational topics range from language, math, science, space, tech, habitats, geography, and many more specially designed to inspire children to become keen lifelong learners.

Roybi Robot Educational Smart Toy for Kids

Roybi Robot gives children personalized education in early childhood, a crucial time when they’re soaking up language like a sponge. With the immense potential that it holds, Roybi Robot will provide children with a strong foundation for success.

Roybi's retail price is $199 USD, but for limited time it's $50 off for the holiday season.

Available on Amazon, Best Buy Canada, Zulily,, Walmart, and many more retailers online.

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