HeartForm Mask Insert Makes Breathing Easier

By 10/06/2020 10:39:00 AM

HeartFormSF has created "HeartForm", a heart-shaped dome that when inserted, provides an extra layer between you and your mask to increases air circulation and prevent the mask material from entering your mouth.

HeartForm is an innovative, lightweight, heart-shaped shield that allows mask wears to “Breathe Easier,” as the company’s motto puts it.

By holding the fabric just a few millimeters away from the nose and mouth, HeartForm facilitates breathing, keeps the wet face mask material away from the face, the face cooler, and makes it easier to talk.

The unique dome shaped shield also helps prevent “mask acne” and protect users from allergic or other negative skin reactions.

Additionally, it keeps lip protection such as chap stick, lip gloss and lipstick from being deposited on your mask, preventing smearing and other cosmetic issues.

HeartFormSF worked with designers and material experts to develop HeartForm, which works equally well with paper and fabric masks. Made of smooth, FDA approved medical-grade polypropylene, these shields are reusable and recyclable.

You can easily wash or sanitize the product between uses. They’re also surprisingly light -- each one weighs just 1/8th of an ounce.

HeartForm is available for $6.00 each.

HeartFormSF is donating a portion of each order to the not for profit World Central Kitchen’s COVID-19 relief program, to feed victims of the pandemic across the US.

To learn more and order, visit - www.heartformsf.com

Facebook - www.facebook.com/HeartFormSF
Twitter - www.twitter.com/form_sf
Instagram - www.instagram.com/heartform_sf

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