Family Fun with iRobot 'Root rt0' Coding Robot

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iRobot has expanded its educational products line with the Root® rt0, an easy-to-use and customizable coding robot that brings classroom learning into the home.

Like its predecessor, the Root rt1, the Root rt0 is a two-wheeled, mobile platform that operates on a flat surface. The robot comes to life – drawing, making music and exploring its surroundings – through coding commands given by the user in the companion iRobot Coding App.

The platform offers three different levels of coding language, from simple graphical blocks for young children to full-text coding for more advanced users.

The Root rt0 (SRP:$129) is a great choice for families who want to learn new skills together.

Educational Learning and Gaming

With a learning library available on the iRobot Education website, the robot comes with hours of lessons, projects, and activities that support both individual and group participation.

With Root rt0 you can play fun games like "Guess the Picture" in which players are challenged to investigate pre-made programs, hypothesize what the code will create, and then be the first to guess the robot sketch in action.

The Root rt0 is equipped with more than 20 sensors, giving it the ability to drive, draw, detect touch, light up, and play music.

Transform Your Root with the Root Brick Top

iRobot also introduced the Root Brick Top accessory (SRP:$19.99), which lets users turn the Root robot into just about anything they can imagine – from a mobile catapult or robotic arm, to a glowing rocket ship or roaming music DJ.

The Root Brick Top is sold separately and connects to the Root robot by integrated magnets and is compatible with a variety of common building blocks.

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