3 Benefits of Using Minecraft: Education Edition on Chromebook

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Minecraft: Education Edition is a game-based learning platform that helps build skills like coding and creative problem-solving, which is now available for Chromebooks.

As schools around the world prepare for Back to School and transition to remote, hybrid, and in-person learning, educators can use Minecraft: Education Edition to keep learners connected and engaged.

New Features and STEM Lessons

This release of Minecraft: Education Edition also includes new features for users on all device types, including Chromebooks, Windows, Mac, and iPads, to support remote and hybrid learning.

Hundreds of free standards-aligned lessons, design challenges, and STEM curricula are available in-game and online, along with flexible templates for educators to design their own learning activities.

Eleven new STEM lessons have launched with a special Minecraft world developed with the American Beekeeping Federation’s Kids and Bees program to introduce students to honeybees and pollination, showcasing some of the fun features of this update.

These include new mobs like bees and foxes, beehives and honey blocks, and an improved lesson library with tagged learning activities to make searching for lessons easier.

To learn more, visit - www.aka.ms/minecraftathome and www.kidsandbees.org

Easy Intergration

Chromebook, iPad, and Windows users will be automatically upgraded to the latest version of Minecraft: Education Edition, while Mac users need to install the updated version manually.

The Chromebook version of Minecraft: Education Edition offers the same set of features as other versions, including multiplayer with other platforms. Students using the app on Chromebooks can collaborate with students on PCs or iPads, for example.

For everything about getting started, visit - www.aka.ms/MEEChromebook

Online Support and Community

Educators trying Minecraft: Education Edition for the first time on Chromebook can get started with online trainings, starter lessons and onboarding resources.

If a school is licensed through Microsoft 365 for Education (A3 or A5), they already have access to Minecraft: Education Edition. Minecraft: Education Edition is licensed via yearly subscriptions that are purchased through the Microsoft Store for Education via volume licensing agreements and through partner resellers.

While logging in currently requires a Microsoft account, Microsoft is working on enabling users to log in with a Google account as well.

Professional development and free online trainings are available, and certified Minecraft Mentors and Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEEs) provide peer support on teaching with Minecraft and classroom management.

The Chromebook release extends access to Minecraft: Education Edition to many more classrooms and homes around the world, bringing the power of game-based learning and magic of Minecraft to educators, students, and families when it matters most.

To learn more, visit - www.education.minecraft.net/chromebook

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