Long Distance Water Fun with Adventure Force Tsunami Drencher

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Summer is here and the weather is getting hotter. With kids starting to enjoy outside more, it's time to bring out toys that offer fun interactions, which include friendly dart and water blasters.

Note: While I received product sample for review purpose, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own

To help us get ready for summer water fighting fun, we received a Adventure Force Tsunami Drencher [MSRP $14.97; Ages 8+] from Buzz Bee Toys.

My son was excited to try out the Tsunami Drencher because of the long distance aiming feature. This mean he can soak his friends easily without having to get up close. To see this feature in action we easily filled up our Tsunami Drencher (can hold up to 30 ounces of water) thanks to the top opening area.

Then we found a spot outside with open areas so we didn't have to worry about wetting anyone or houses by mistake. The Tsunami Drencher was comfortable for my son to hold, fill with water and easily carry around.

To load, my son pulled back the handle, then aimed and "fired".

While we did expect water to shoot out, my son was delighted how far the water came out. The Tsunami Drencher is a power pump water blaster before streaming up to 51 feet in the air!

Now that my knows he has an upper hand during water fights, he can't wait for the next hot day to help his friends "cool" down with some water. Especially from a safe distance.

While we reviewed the Adventure Force Tsunami Drencher, Buzz Bee Toys has a wide range of darts, water blasters and more. I got a sneak peek at some during a preview early this year. Here is more information about some of my favorites.

  • Water Warriors Kwik Splash 2 Pack [MSRP $4.99; Ages 4+]: With two blasters streaming water up to 25 feet, the Kwik Splash 2 Pack is the perfect pick for a spontaneous water war. Includes 2 Kwik Splash Blasters. Available in assorted colors.
  • Air Warriors Sling Shot [MSRP $4.99; Ages 6+]: This sling shot blaster is easy to use! Just pull back on the elastic band, aim, and release your dart.  Includes blaster and 6 long distance darts. Available at Dollar General and Target.

  • Air Warriors Light Master [MSRP $9.99; Ages 6+]: Night battles are now made easy using its rail light, which activates once attached to its rail. The rail light is also interchangeable across other dart blasters with rails. Plus, catch the competition from far away with blasting power up to 100 feet! Includes blaster, 8 long distance darts, rail light, and 8 count dart clip.
  • Adventure Force Springfire by Buzz Bee Toys [MSRP $4.97; Ages 8+]: With blasting power up to 80 feet and pull back capabilities for spring dart blasting combat, build your ultimate defense and become unstoppable! Includes blaster and 4 long distance darts. Available exclusively at Walmart.

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