Scott Eastwood helps recreate Battle of Gettysburg in mixed-reality app

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Parents and teachers are in search of educational options as millions of students are now learning from home. To help expand their choices, a new mixed-reality app that recreates the Battle of Gettysburg has launched.

QuantumERA®’s, Gettysburg: A Nation Divided, is a mobile experience that envelopes students in the battle as it unfolds around them.

Normally priced at $12.99, the app will be free of charge for a limited time.

QuantumERA's AR360 app, Gettysburg: A Nation Divided

Narrated by actor Scott Eastwood, the app’s immersive scenes transport users to 1863 with 360-degree views and avatars of men and women who were involved in the battle. Included is an artifact scavenger hunt with the ability to earn points.

Scott Eastwood on the Educational Benefits of Gettysburg: A Nation Divided AR360 app

The student’s involvement and interactivity provide a better understanding of what happened during the turning point of the Civil War.

The BETA version of Gettysburg: A Nation Divided optimized for Apple iPads, is available in the app store. Mobile optimization for other Android devices will be coming soon. The app has been carefully designed for children ages 9 years and up.

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