'Inventor in the Pink Pajamas' Book Inspires Creativity

By 4/16/2020 09:58:00 AM

The first book of a five-part series “If Not You, Then Who?”, the “Inventor in the Pink Pajamas” aims to teach children about inventions and patents in everyday life and inspire them to create their own.

To encourage families to use their extended time at home for reading together, the kindle version of “The Inventor in the Pink Pajamas” will be temporarily free to download from Amazon starting April 13 through April 17.

“The Inventor in the Pink Pajamas” is about Brooke Fairley, an inquisitive, creative 9-year-old with an eye for inventing. Inspired by her grandfather and their mutual delight in how inventions come to be discovered, Brooke looks for ways to improve the world around her.

Both educational and fun, “The Inventor in the Pink Pajamas” features 18 different household inventions and the backstory on how they came to be.

Fifty-five pages long, “The Inventor in the Pink Pajamas” is written and published by Weeva Inc. and presented by David and Emberli Pridham of Dominion Harbor, a leading intellectual property firm.

“If Not You, Then Who?” is available for in both Kindle ($7.99) and hardcover ($19.95) editions

For more information, visit - www.bookstore.weeva.com

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