Herbal Healing natural skincare balms

By 4/22/2020 04:34:00 PM

Looking for an eco-friendly skin-care line? Then check out Herbal Healing, a natural and sustainable line of first aid skin products safe for all ages.

These balms are just as Earth-conscious on the outside as they are on the inside.

  • Mother’s Healing Balm – This herbal ointment with key ingredients calendula, witch hazel, lavender, Ashwagandha and marshmallow root started it all. Use for itchy skin, rash, dry skin, as a nipple balm or diaper rash ointment. For all ages.
  • Tea Tree Ointment – This formula made with hemp and tea tree oils has great moisturizing and astringent properties. Use after swimming to protect skin from the water, and for natural bug bite relief. For all ages.
  • Menthol Eucalyptus (Feel Good) Balm – The combination of arnica flower, menthol and eucalyptus oils make this balm feel luxurious and soothing as it gives off a spa-like scent. Use it on your feet, neck area, shoulders, back, lower back for tension relief. For adults only.

The brand only uses zero-waste packaging consisting of glass or paper, even its manufacturing process produces minimal to zero waste.

Each product come in sample 1 ounce, 2 ounce and value 4 ounce sizes and has been tested for safety and toxicity by the Environmental Working Group.

For more information, visit www.herbal-healing.us

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