EduKit Launches Home School Supply Kits

By 4/09/2020 05:42:00 PM

To help families adjust to distance learning, EduKit is now offering home supply kits stocked with everything students need to succeed at-home schooling.

With schools throughout the country committing to distance learning throughout the remainder of the school year, many households may not have the necessary school supplies on hand. EduKit's goal is to offer those households an efficient, affordable solution with home supply kits.

EduKit has made the process simple by grouping together age-specific school supplies that parents can easily order online. While on the EduKit's website, select "Order Home Supply Kits" from the dropdown menu, and select your child's age range. The kits will be delivered free directly to your home.

Having specialized in school supply kits since 1993, EduKit's relationships with hundreds of suppliers allow the company to add industry-leading brands in its kits, including Crayola®, Elmer's®, and Bic®.

To order a home supply kit, visit

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