February 14, 2020

Inspire kids with D.I.Y. craft kits for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day this week, I'm sharing some fun, non-candy gift ideas using Horizon Group’s D.I.Y. kits that kids can enjoy. Yes I know candy and chocolate are great, but so is being creative!

These Horizon Group’s trendy D.I.Y. kits inspire kids to create something one-of-a-kind! Whether they create a friendship bracelet for their bestie, make the perfect fragrance with custom-made candles or style a cute Valentine’s Day card for a crush, these hands-on kits are the perfect gift they’ll LOVE this Valentine’s Day.

STMT DIY Custom Candles MSRP: $16.99—$20.00

Customize 2 fragrant candles that express your mood using soothing scents including Lavender, Sweet Orange and Rose. Personalize your candle tins with trendy stickers and personal designs to enhance your décor or gift. Use the recipe card to write down your fragrance mix so that you can make your signature candle time and time again. Begin with ease following along with the included instruction booklet! Ages: 14+

Kit Includes: 3 Fragrance Droppers - 1 Pen - 2 Candle Tins - 1 Recipe Card - 10 Sticker Labels - 1 Bag of Wax Chips - 2 Color Droppers - 2 Candle Wicks - 1 Measuring Cup - 2 Wooden Sticks - Instruction Booklet

Availability: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Michaels, Shopko, Target

STMT DIY Signature Scent MSRP: $16.99—$20.00

What's your Signature Scent? Find out and create your own custom perfumes with the STMT Signature Scent set! Mix and match different fragrances to create a scent just for you. Or your besties! The gorgeous glass roller bottles add an extra touch special touch! Don’t forget to name each scent to suit its inspiration. Gift your girls the perfect scent for birthdays, holidays, or just because. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Kit Includes: 4 Glass Roller Perfume Bottles – 3 Fragrance Droppers – 1 Recipe Card – 2 Burlap Gift Bags – 1 Measuring Cup – 3 Pippettes – 2 Wood Sticks – An Instruction Booklet

Availability: Amazon, Michaels, Target, Stage Stores, Barnes & Noble

POPFIZZ Sweet & Scented Bath Bombs MSRP: $14.99

Create an exciting and unpredictable home spa experience with POPFIZZ Sweet & Scented Bath Bombs! Simply mix the included ingredients together to create your custom bath bomb that explodes into colorful fizz, bubbles, and swirls. Awaken your senses as the explosion brings about sweet-smelling aromas created by your unique mix of essential oils. Decorate your bath bomb with vibrant mica powders and body glitter. Create solid or multi-color bath bombs with the assorted molds available. Once your created bath bombs are submerged in water, the explosion occurs and a surprise is revealed! Recommended for ages 6 and up. Adult supervision required.

Kit Includes: 1 Sphere Bath Bomb Mold - 1 Cupcake Mold - 1 Doughnut Mold - 1 Pinapple Mold - Bath Bomb Mix - Baking Soda - 6 Mica Color Powders - 2 Body Glitters - 3 Essential Oils - Coconut Oil - Sunflower Oil - 1 Paint Brush - 1 Stirrer Stick - 1 Measuring Cup - Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Availability: Michaels, Walmart, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby

Just My Style Fun-Loving Friendship Bracelets MSRP: $12.99

Create over 30 unique friendship bracelets with the Just My Style Fun-Loving Friendship Bracelets kit! Learn 8 basic bracelet making techniques and how to use the included friendship loom! Fill your arm full of colorful braided bracelets or share them with your friends! Customize and personalize each bracelet with alphabet beads, trendy punchouts, decorative beads and more. Learn more techniques online with videos at our YouTube @horizon group usa! The recommended age range is 6 years & up.

Kit Includes: 12 Friendship Thread Skeins - 4 Neon Friendship Thread Skeins - 100 Accent Beads - 60 Alphabet Beads -9 Decorative Beads - 25 Sparkling Gemstones - 3 Metallic Charms - 10 Epoxy Punchouts - Fabric Glue - 1 Friendship Loom - Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Availability: Amazon, Kohl’s, Kmart

Just My Style 4-in-1 Stationery Studio MSRP: $29.99

Dive into the classic arts of scrapbooking, journaling, sketching and more with the Just My Style 4-in-1 Stationery Studio! Collect all of your favorite photos, quotes and memories to create a precious keepsake with the bound, hardcover scrapbook. Embellish and customize each page with punch-outs, stickers and sparkling gemstones.

Make your besties day and drop a cute card in their locker or send snail mail to friends and family! Finally, chill out and relax with the illustrated coloring pages and sketchbook. When you're finished coloring, frame them for decoration or hang them on your wall! Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Kit Includes: 1 Scrapbook - 1 Diary - 1 Coloring Book - 3 Cards & Envelopes - 5 Coloring Pages - 6 Printed Pages - 1 Sticker Sheet - 1 Punch Out Sheet - 4 Foil Sheets - 5 Mini Markers - 1 Ballpoint Pen - 1 Wavy Edge Scissor - 1 Foil Pen - 1 Glue Stick - Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Availability: Amazon

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