Getting cuddly with Shoulderkins #tfny #tfny2020

By 2/28/2020 02:41:00 PM

While at Toy Fair NY 2020, I visited a lot of booths to see and play with the toys. While most booths are fun, very few are cuddle and filled with wall to wall soft plush's like Aurora World’s.

While Aurora World’s offers many different plush toys and gift products, the one that stuck to me (pun intended) was the Shoulderkins. In this case an octopus. As I walked the booth, he/she/it stayed with me, which is kinda sweet.

Since I think kids will like having a cuddle friend who "stick" to them, I wanted to share more about this plush line.

Shoulderkins lets you bring your plush anywhere you go for non-stop cuddles, fun, and imaginative play! This brand-new original design from Aurora is currently available in nine fun, stylish, and trendy designs, including a sloth, sea lion, and turtle.

The furry friend sits on your shoulder via a magnet located at the bottom of the plush and a fabric-covered metal plate that is placed under your clothing. There will be fun new character styles added in the future including an expansion into the licenses.

To learn more, visit -

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