Apricot Brown Miss Undefinable Children's Book

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The character in Apricot Brown: Miss Undefinable is based on the author's, Dana Drucker- Solano, own diverse background and experience growing up as a multi-ethnic woman herself. Dana believes that diversity is America's greatest strength and the world's brightest future!

Apricot Brown Book

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The poetic story revolves around Apricot Brown's first day of school­ a day of reckoning for most kids when they are scrutinized and judged by their new peers.

But the title character dares the unthinkable: she declares her independence from homogeneous cliques and invites everyone to cross boundaries by "trying on" different cultures, racial identities and philosophies through a series of metamorphoses.

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  1. I love children's books and I'm always collecting new ones for my students and family. Thank you for the introduction to this new book. It sounds so interesting. I definitely think I'll be checking out this one.