Decrease school anxiety with LG 'Experience Happiness' program

As American kids go back to school, LG's Electronics USA award-winning "Life's Good: Experience Happiness" program is expanding to more school districts with the goal of reaching more than 1 million teens with science of happiness skills.

According to the American Psychological Association, when school is in session, kids are the most stressed group in the country. Teenagers feel this stress most acutely, especially during the first days back at school, a time of mixed emotions that bring both excitement and anxiety.

Through its Life's Good: Experience Happiness initiative, LG has brought together leading non-profits, scientists, educators and media partners to combat this anxiety by teaching teens the skills that lead to sustainable happiness.

LG is expanding its commitment this year by increasing the number of schools that non-profit partners Project Happiness and Inner Explorer will reach, while going beyond the classroom to reach teens and parents through social media channels they follow.

A trailblazing new LG partnership with award-winning media and entertainment company SoulPancake will help reach an additional 500,000 people this fall, teaching the science of happiness outside of schools.

By reinforcing LG's commitment in local school districts and expanding the program through new social channels, parents can take part in the program. LG is asking parents and teens alike to share their back-to-school stories and to set their goals for the new school year.

They can simply post their own story of the first day back to school in social media, using the hashtags #Day1 and #LGoals. For each post, LG will provide an extra $1 to its non-profit partners to help them carry forward the science of happiness.

Happiness is a skill that can be taught, learned and practiced to combat increasing level of stress.

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